Competent, Honest, & Reliable

If you are looking for a highly competent, honest, reliable lawyer I highly recommend Kyle. He not only educated me on the law but was a great guide throughout my legal battles. Thanks Kyle for all your help!

A Real Time Saver

The traffic violation case I was involved in had been very well taken care of by Mr. Jarzmik. Thanks to him, I was able to plan ahead, skip the hassle to go back and forth, and save myself much time.

He Made This So Simple

I got a speeding ticket in downtown Atlanta. I am from Indiana. I never believed that I was speeding. I hired Atty Jarzmik. He got the case dismissed for a small fine. No points, no reporting back to my home state, no insurance ramifications. I didn't have to go back to GA to work this out. I would recommend him if you find yourself in this situation

Glad I Went with Mr. Jarzmik

I must have interviewed around 30 attorneys to represent my case. When I came across Attorney Kyle H. Jarzmik's picture online, for some reason my gut instincts said he might be the one to represent you. During our conversation, he explained his credentials and background as a Prosecutor with experience and knowledge from both perspectives of the law. After speaking with him, I was convinced that he not only had what it takes to represent me, but had what it takes to actually Win my case; he did! Mr. Jarzmik has demonstrated a high level of professionalism, courtesy and respect for his clients. If you're looking for an Attorney who genuinely cares about his clients and gets results, then I highly recommend and suggest his services. Thank you Mr. Jarzmik, you're the best!!!


Responsive & Thorough

He was extremely prompt, responsive, and thorough toward all of my questions and represented me well.

He Went Above & Beyond

He notified me of everything that I required and fulfilled the request I asked for such as showing up to court on my behalf when I wasn't in a good position to go.

Works with You

I have used Mr. Jarzmik's services a few times now and have received excellent service. He works with my schedule and budget and on top of that is a really friendly and great guy. 10/10 would recommend.

Really Made a Difference

I was involved in a situation a couple of months ago, I was charged with obstruction of officer in Dekalb County and I pled nolo and in the state of Ga if you plead nolo under a criminal case it stays on your record forever so I was lucky Kyle really helped me through a tough situation and got me out of this hobble situation that caused me to be turned down by great jobs, it was frustrating couldn't move on, so he got the judge to admid my plea and I was lucky because the state could have denied me but now I can finally move on with a better job and a better life thanks Kyle really made a difference in my life.

Excellent Attorney

Hired Kyle to represent me in a traffic citation I received in South Georgia off I-16. He reduced the speed to under super speeder and made a non reportable offense. Thank you, Kyle. Highly recommended.

Great Experience, Great Attorney

After calling around a few lawyers, I spoke to Kyle and instantly knew he was my guy. He carefully listened to me explain my case and that made me feel confident that he would adequately handle my case. He kept me updated throughout the whole process and ended up getting the case dismissed! Great experience and great attorney, thanks Kyle!

He Always Made Time for Me

He is a very kind lawyer. He was available to speak to me whenever I needed it. That is very rare for an attorney. Given the very difficult task ahead of him he took it and was able to get a very positive result for me. I highly recommend attorney Kyle.

Total Excellence

I completely forgot about two tickets and of course it caused my license to be suspended. In two separate cites. Knowing I own a very busy business, Kyle made sure I spent a minimum of time getting reinstated. In fact I personally spent about an hour total on my issue. Because of his complete knowledge of Georgia law, Kyle made it a painless experience. And just as impressive, his excellent service came at a very reasonable price. I will be recommending Kyle to everyone!

Happy with the Results & Service

We are very happy with the results of the case that Kyle handled. He was always in contact with us and taking care of every detail on my husband's case. He did a very good job. I would really recommend Kyle Jarzmik.


Explained Everything Clearly

Attorney Jarzmik is great and very professional. He explained all of my concerns clearly and I'm satisfied with the outcome. I highly recommend his service.

Highly recommend! Outstanding!

Hired him on quite a few charges I had pending and I will say I was astounded from the care and attention to detail this man took. He left no rock unturned so to speak. Extremely responsive, even more prompt and is more flexible than a gymnastics teacher. Knocked down or completely got 90% of my charges dismissed. Absolute professional and gentleman I'd recommend to anybody even if you are on the fence about hiring a lawyer. Quite affordable as well!

Effective & Timely Service

Kyle did an exceptional job to dismiss my case and I would never forget his help in my case. He did exactly what he promised in in a timely manner. I would recommend him to anyone.
-Anonymous Client

Smart & Down to Earth

Hello - I talked to four attorneys before hiring one. The other ones were a little too pushy and cocky for me. Glad I picked Kyle. He knows his stuff. He advised me on all options regarding my speeding ticket. He helped me by getting the speed over reduced. Definitely, call him again, when needed. Thank you.
-Anonymous Client

Keeps You Updated

Kyle is really helpful on my traffic violation case in which he helped me to negotiate with the prosecutor so that they have reduced the speed on my ticket to 69/55 instead of 86/55 and dismissed the expired tag charge. He is responsive and I can always get a fast update about the case from him.


Kyle Cleared Things Up

Kyle was fantastic. He was personable, on time and easy to access if I had any questions. He helped me keep my driving record clean after two mix-ups. I would definitely contact him again for help!