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Theft & Fraud Crimes Attorney in Atlanta, Georgia

When it comes to crimes involving theft or fraud in Georgia, the law can be complicated. The types of charges, penalties, and legal defenses for these crimes depend on the unique facts of each case.

My firm, Kyle H. Jarzmik Law, can help you if you are facing theft or fraud charges. My background has uniquely qualified me to defend individuals accused of theft and fraud crimes. I interned with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia and gained an invaluable understanding of how prosecutors and police officers think and work. I also worked for five years as a prosecutor in criminal court, so I deeply understand how the other side operates.

My experience has given me a distinct advantage when preparing a defense on behalf of my clients. I’m dedicated to serving clients in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia, including Fulton County, Cobb County, Dekalb County, and surrounding communities.

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Overview of Theft Crimes

When a person takes the property of another person without permission and intends to keep that property permanently, a theft crime has been committed. How serious the punishment for theft is depends on several different factors, such as how much was stolen and the method by which it was taken.

Theft Crime Examples

Different actions under distinct sets of circumstances are considered crimes involving theft. Here are several examples of theft crimes in Georgia:

  • armed robbery

  • burglary

  • robbery

  • theft by receiving stolen property

  • theft by shoplifting

  • theft by conversion, deception, or taking

These are just some of the actions that are considered theft crimes in Georgia.


The penalty for theft depends on how much was stolen and on the type of crime. Some crimes will be considered misdemeanors and the penalty may be a short time in prison and a fine. Felony theft charges result in more serious penalties.

The circumstances of the crime affect the charges. For example, if weapons were involved in the commission of the crime, then the charges will be more serious. Serious theft crimes like armed robbery could result in a penalty of up to 10-20 years in prison or life imprisonment. Speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney to find out the possible penalties in your case.


In any criminal case, the facts of the crime—and the situation of the person accused of committing the crime—will affect how the case is handled. A strong defense should take into account your criminal history, whether you can be identified as a suspect, the value of the allegedly stolen property, and other relevant factors. An experienced criminal defense attorney will provide a fierce, yet compassionate, defense.

Overview of Fraud Crimes

Fraud charges are similar to theft charges, but they are not the same. Fraud has occurred when a person intentionally tricks another person and causes damage (usually financial). The severity of the fraud will partially determine the penalty for it.

Types of Fraud

There are several different crimes involving fraud in Georgia, including:

  • forgery

  • credit card fraud

  • issuing a bad check

  • identity theft

  • deposit account fraud

These are some, but not all, of the actions that are considered fraud crimes in our state.


As is the case for theft crimes, the penalties for fraud crimes depend on how severe the crime was and how much was stolen. Consult with a skilled Georgia criminal defense lawyer to learn about possible penalties for your charges.


Crafting a legal defense for a person accused of fraud crimes will depend on many different factors, including the person’s criminal history, how serious the crime was, and the facts of the case. A knowledgeable Georgia criminal defense attorney will pursue a strong defense that protects your rights.

How Kyle H. Jarzmik Law Can Help

If you are facing theft or fraud charges, you don’t have to fight it alone. My experience as a prosecutor gives me unique insight into criminal law, insight that helps me fight for your case and defend you against charges of fraud, deceptive practices, theft, property crime, vandalism, burglary, trespassing, and other charges. At Kyle H. Jarzmik Law, I’m committed to serving clients in Atlanta and throughout the state of Georgia, including Fulton County, Cobb County, Dekalb County, Gwinnett County, and the nearby areas. Contact me to schedule a consultation.