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When it comes to criminal law in Atlanta, Georgia, I'm experienced as both a defender and prosecutor. For over five years I prosecuted countless defendants for the crimes they were accused of. From standard DUIs and DWIs to reckless driving charges related to drug use.

Now that I am a defense attorney, I know the various strategies and thought processes that go through the minds of the prosecutors on the other side of the courtroom. This can be a significant advantage for you and your case, as it will allow me to remain one step ahead of the opposing attorneys who will be trying to put you into handcuffs.

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For various reasons, many people often decide to defend themselves after they’ve been charged with a drug crime. This decision can turn even the most seemingly minor of charges into heavy sentences, fines, or penalties that can affect the rest of your life. That's why it's so important to contact an attorney immediately to avoid these mistakes.

Categories of Drug Crimes

Paraphernalia & Possession

Drug paraphernalia refers to any equipment or tools that are used to prepare, use, or conceal illegal drugs. Drug possession can be on a small or large scale, and is typically illegal on both the state and federal levels, regardless of how much you are caught with.


If you are caught with any substances or equipment that prove beyond a reasonable doubt you’re producing, growing, or cooking an illegal substance, you are at risk for serious consequences. The prosecution often has to prove intent, which is where I step in.

Distribution & Dealing

This law makes it a felony to sell, transport, and import illegal drugs. In addition, if you are caught with a large quantity of drugs, authorities have reason to assume you intended to sell & distribute it. “Dealing” often refers to distribution on a smaller scale.

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How Are Penalties for Drug Possession Determined?

The Quantity

It is reasonable to assume that the more drugs you are caught with, the harsher your punishment will be. Possession of a joint will typically be treated differently than possession of a pound of marijuana.

The Category

There are five “schedules” of drugs, meaning each drug is placed into a category based on their potential for abuse, whether they are used for medical reasons, and the risk of dependency.

The Intent

Depending on the amount of drugs and paraphernalia you are caught with, the prosecution will charge you based on whether they believe you were using, selling, producing, or distributing.

Don’t Let a Minor Charge
Turn Into a Major Conviction

When you make the decision to work with me as your criminal defense attorney, I'll work efficiently and thoroughly to ensure your story is heard. No matter the severity of your charge, my priority is to make sure you walk away with the most favorable outcome given your unique circumstances.