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Here’s Why Fighting a DUI Is Worth It

Some people believe that because a breath or blood test indicates a certain BAC that DUI's are not worth fighting. Nothing could be further from the truth.

A DUI conviction on your criminal record is a black mark against so many other things in your life, such as your ability to get specific jobs, licensure, and certification, or even to get into college or qualify for a student loan. You may lose the job you already have. The conviction, financial stress, even your limited driving privileges (if you have the option to drive at all) exert stress on you and strain relationships with others.

Why would you risk all that without a fight?

Before I became a criminal defense attorney, I was a prosecuting attorney, and I prosecuted a substantial number of DUIs. Those who didn’t bother to put up a fight were easy to convict; I can help guide you through all of your options. My firm, Kyle H. Jarzmik Law, proudly serves clients in Atlanta, Cumming, Lawrenceville, Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Fulton, Douglas, Forsyth, Carroll, and Coweta counties, Georgia.

What Are the Penalties for A Georgia DUI?

Driving under the influence is a crime in Georgia. So is speeding, but you don’t just get a ticket and pay a fine. You risk a much costlier conviction and face criminal penalties for DUI, including jail, losing your driver’s license, undergoing alcohol or drug treatment, devoting hours to community service, and paying a hefty fine.

If convicted, the DUI remains on your record forever. Although after ten years it may not count as a prior offense, it’s still there, and Georgia has no process for expunging criminal convictions.

If the criminal penalties for a conviction for a DUI charge in Georgia aren’t enough to make you want to fight back, perhaps the other damages will. If you have a commercial driver’s license, you lose it, which may mean losing your source of income. You’ll be prohibited from applying for specific jobs, and some employers will put your application at the bottom of the pile once they note the DUI conviction.

You will pay significantly higher premiums for auto insurance because a DUI indicates that you are at a higher risk for accidents. While your insurance premiums are going up, your income may be going down, making it difficult to pay your living expenses and your debt. Moreover, the risk you pose as someone convicted of driving under the influence can negatively impact the time you get to spend with your children under custody agreements.

If you are still asking yourself, “Should I fight my DUI?” I have one question. How could all these potential outcomes not be worth hiring a tenacious DUI defense attorney to fight back?

How Can an Attorney Fight DUI Charges?

An experienced DUI defense attorney knows how and where they can challenge charges. While I was prosecuting those charged with a DUI, law enforcement trained me to conduct DUI investigations. Now, I put that knowledge to work for the clients I defend against them, and there are several ways charges can be challenged. Here are a few:

  • The officer failed to follow proper procedures, which may include not having probable cause to stop you, not advising you of your Miranda rights, or not conducting the 15-minute observation before testing.

  • The testing was flawed because the officer did not administer it properly or the testing equipment had not been rigorously maintained and calibrated. There are numerous challenges to field sobriety tests. Flashing and bright lights can affect vision tests. Uneven surfaces can affect balance and coordination. Improper instructions can cause negative results.

  • The blood alcohol content (BAC) level was inflated by something other than alcohol. Non-alcoholic beverages, mouthwash, mints, cold medications, prescription medications, perfumes and colognes, and even a flavored toothpick can affect results.

  • The appearance of impairment can be attributed to something other than alcohol, such as a medical condition that affects balance, coordination, and fluid movement.

Getting the Experienced Legal Guidance You Need

Fighting a DUI is worth the effort. Fighting a DUI with an attorney with my experience, training, and knowledge in your corner is even more worthwhile. As a Fulton County prosecutor, I convicted several people for DUI. As an Atlanta DUI defense attorney, I seek to get the best results possible for my clients. I also serve clients in Cumming, Lawrenceville, Cobb, Fulton, Gwinnett, Fulton, Douglas, Forsyth, Carroll, and Coweta counties, Georgia.

Fight back. Call Kyle H. Jarzmik Law now to schedule a case consultation.