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Factors to Consider in Your Personal Injury Case

When you're injured in an auto accident and someone else is liable for your injuries, you want to know what to expect. The most important concern is your HEALTH. You should always make that a top priority, whether you are injured or not. Anyways, here are the main factors to consider:

  1. The extent of your injuries and medical bills: The worse you are hurt, the more valuable your case. The more legitimate treatment you receive, whether it's at a hospital, outpatient center, primary care physician, or chiropractor, the more you will be able to recover.

  2. Lost wages: Time missed from work also affects the value of your case. You're only recovering what you've already lost, but it's important to document proof of this and to get doctor's notes or recommendations that you do not work.

  3. Pain & Suffering: This can cover many facets of life, including general pain, inability to sleep or perform chores and basic functions. It can also include the effect on your leisure activities, such as running, walking, sports, or traveling.

It is important to have an attorney evaluate your case and make sure you maximize the value of your case. Many insurance adjusters will try to get you to settle right away and sign a release of any claims. That is almost always a bad idea because it takes time to not only receive treatment, but also figure out the lasting impact of your injuries. While an attorney will typically get 33-40% of the final settlement or damages, they can negotiate with the opposing party's insurance companies to maximize your case. If a settlement cannot be reached, an attorney can file a lawsuit (which might also lead to a settlement) and take your case to trial if necessary.

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