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Busted! Don't Believe These Courtroom Myths!

If you’re faced with a situation that requires you to be in a courtroom for any reason, it’s important to be both objective, and optimistic when the time comes.

If you have a court date coming up, or if you’ve found yourself on the wrong side of the law, or even if you’re just educating yourself, we’re going to debunk three popular myths that people have come to accept as reality.

Myth 1: Judges Have All the Power.

Judges have sentencing power and determine what evidence is allowed to be heard, but it is actually the Prosecutor (District Attorney or Solicitor General) that decides whether or not to charge you and what those charges will or won't be. Judges are not permitted to simply talk to you about your case and decide whether to dismiss it or not. If a case is dismissed or the charge is reduced, that comes from the Prosecutor.

Myth 2: Always Plead "Nolo" to A Traffic Ticket.

A plea of ‘Nolo Contendere’, or no contest, will save you points or a license suspension in some circumstances, but it will still show up on your driver's history and can still affect your insurance rates in the future.

Myth 3: You Can Get a Case Expunged After a Certain Amount of Time.

If you plead guilty or are convicted of a crime in Georgia and it's not under the First Offender Act or a conditional discharge of a drug charge, you are not eligible for it to be expunged or record restriction of the arrest/conviction.

It is very important to understand how a courtroom functions and how the process of law works. In addition, separating these myths from reality will help you understand why they are in place.

While the idea of getting arrested or being charged with a crime will always be a scary and stressful situation keeping in mind the endless number of myths, Former Prosecutor Kyle Jarzmik can be the attorney you need to explain reality to you, protect your Constitutional rights, negotiate with the State on your behalf, and be your advocate in court.

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